Møder med Jesus - farsi

Møder med Jesus - farsi

Åbner Markusevangeliet op for både nye og erfarne bibellæsere / Opens the Gospel of Mark for both new and experienced Bible readers

Lasse Holmgaard Iversen,  

Møder med Jesus - farsi

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Møder med Jesus – forklaringer til Markusevangeliet er et studiehæfte for både nye og erfarne bibellæsere, som er anvendeligt til både individuelt brug og i grupper.

Møder med Jesus, som er skrevet af Morten Hørning Jensen, lektor på Menighedsfakultetet, er nu oversat til farsi og engelsk, så den nu findes på tre forskellige sprog, og kan bruges i bibelstudiegrupper for både nye og erfarne bibellæsere, samt i tværkulturelle grupper.
I forbindelse med oversættelsen, blev der lavet nye spørgsmål til samtale, som ikke er i den danske oversættelse. Disse spørgsmål kan downloades på dansk her.

Morten Hørning Jensens glæde over Markusevangeliet, og hans passion for bibelsk arkæologi, kommer læseren til gode, idet at han bruger arkæologien til at åbne teksten og konteksten for læseren.

“Meeting Jesus” – in Farsi and English

Meeting Jesus is a Bible study, that is relevant for both individual and communal Bible study, and for both new and experienced Bible readers.
This means, that you can have Bible study groups where you read the same book in two or three different languages: Farsi, Danish and English, and discuss the questions in the book.
In addition to discussing the Bible texts you read, it is also a good introduction to who Jesus is. So you are going to “meet Jesus” in this book!

Meeting Jesus is written by Morten H Jensen, professor at the Lutheran School of Theology, and was first published in 2013.
In the new translations we have added new questions, that are made for the new target group.
These questions are not in the Danish edition, but are avaliable here.

If you want to order for other countries than Denmark, please write lasse@blr.dk to get the actual shipping price.


’Meeting Jesus’ is an excellent guide into the story and message of Mark’s gospel. Although based on profound scholarly insights it is accessible and relevant for new Bible readers as well as more mature believers. I am delighted that it has now been made available in Farsi. As the number of Iranian and Afghan converts continues to grow this study can most certainly be a great blessing in teaching new disciples
Kenneth Kühn
Area Director for Elam Ministries in Europe

It is so exciting to meet Jesus with someone, who have just recently heard about him, and who is regularly hungry to get to know more about him! That is why I am glad that ‘Meeting Jesus’ is available in Farsi, and highly recommend it!
Krista Rosenlund Bellows
National coordinator of intercultural work in Indre Mission – the Danish Home Mission 

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