Status over bibelbrug i Scripture Union-organisationer 2021

Status over bibelbrug i Scripture Union-organisationer 2021

Scripture Union udgav i maj en statusrapport over bibelbrug i organisationen anno 2021. Find den her

Lasse Holmgaard Iversen,  

af Erzsébet Komlósi

Field Development Director for Scripture Union i Europa


Scripture Union is working in more than 120 countries all over the world. Our motto says: “Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” (Psalm 119:105), so Bible engagement is an essential part and a real “trademark” of our ministry. And not only when it comes to producing Bible reading notes and various Bible study resources of which SU has been known for, for many years, it also undergirds every activity in our field ministries we are involved in: camps, schoolwork, missions etc.

A Bible Engagement Consultation on how we use the Bible and what needs to change has been in our plans for several years. In fact, the previous National Director for Bibellæser-Ringen Lasse H. Iversen, was the coordinator of the group who was preparing this consultation. But due to the pandemic the event has had to be postponed. But of course, even without meeting in person, it is possible to do some things: for instance, to assess where we are now, when it comes to Bible engagement as a family of very diverse movements! A detailed survey was put together, and the vast majority of our SU movement answered the questions in it. The key findings were compiled into a resource called Bible Engagement Report, that you are welcome to read here.

Rather than going through each chapter of the Report, I give you a few facts from the it, in the hope that you want to find out more and you read the Report for yourself!


… Of course, this is just a taster, and there are conclusions to be drawn from all the findings of the Report. There is still much work to do ahead of us. We are grateful for the encouragements found in the report, and we need to pray and think hard how to make things better where we should be better stewards of God’s wonderful Word!

If you are interested in joining in the follow up conversation, do let us know – we would be glad to include you in the process!